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AlterLab Past


The Horses

by Brian Thorstenson (2009)

A Man, his Wife, and his Hat (now titled The Hatmaker’s Wife) 

by Lauren Yee (2011)

available from Samuel French


by Larissa FastHorse (2014)

winner, USA Pen Literary Award in Drama

Rose in America

by Michelle Carter (2016)

winner, USA Pen Literary Award in Drama

Cow Pie Bingo

by Larissa FastHorse (2018)

Ghosts of Bogotá

by Diana Burbano (2020)

winner, Rella Lossy Award

Pueblo Revolt

by Dillon Chitto

winner, Rella Lossy Award

AlterLab Plays

A Boarding School Play by Blossom Johnson

Snag by Tara Moses

Apple by Vickie Ramirez

Untitled by Elana Dykewomon

Drunk at the Base of the Bodhi Tree by Julie Hébert

Merrion Square by Laura Shamas

Strange Courtesies by L. Peter Callender

Bondage by Star Finch

BABA by Denmo Ibrahim

Land of the Long White Cloud by Ann Brebner

The Fellowship by Ignacio Zulueta

The River Bride by Marisela Treviño Orta

Shakespeare Than Fiction by Rebecca Frank

The Dead Girl by Ann Brebner

AlterLab First Acts Cohorts


Facilitator: Diana Burbano

lily gonzales

Alicia Margarita Olivo

Devin Porter

Baylee Shlichtman

Jasmine Sharma

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