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In partnership with San Rafael's Latino Council, Diana will be working with ensemble members Noe Flores and Carla Pauli to conduct story circles that will inspire and inform her new play commission. The work will center on the diversity of the California Latinx community.

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Playwright Vickie Ramirez (Tuscarora) is an alumnus of the Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group 2009 and a founding member of Chukalokoli Native Theater Ensemble and Amerinda Theater.

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Dillon Chitto is a Native American playwright originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico but now lives in Chicago, Illinois. He is a company member of BoHo Theatre and has worked creatively with Native Voices at the Autry, Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program, as well as Global Voices Theatre.

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Tara Moses (she/her) is a citizen of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, director, multi award-winning playwright, Artistic Director of telatúlsa, and co-Founder of Groundwater Arts.

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Blossom Johnson is a Diné playwright, screenwriter and dramaturg from Dził Yijin, Arizona.

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Like our artists, our plays include works by the best playwrights of today--including Pulitzer Prize winners Arthur Miller, Lynn Nottage, Nilo Cruz--and the best emerging playwrights.

Larissa FastHorse

AlterLab supports playwrights at every stage of the development process. Each cohort of writers is diverse—from early career writers to award-winning established writers; from ages 23 to 93; writers from all backgrounds—and each cohort of writers chooses how to work together, supporting each other in creating adventurous, honest work. 

In each AlterLab cohort, AlterTheater commissions one playwright to write a new play  for and with our community. Commissioned playwrights work closely with our ensemble to create a story that tackles issues in our community, and that can shine in our unique storefront performance spaces.

An AlterTheater dream since our inception has been playwrights creating new work for our ensemble of artists. It took us four years: in 2008 we commissioned our first playwright, award-winning San Francisco poet/playwright Brian Thorstenson.

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