The Ann Brebner Legacy Fund

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Supporting the programs nearest and dearest to Ann’s heart:

  • AlterLab, an innovative new play development and production program

  • AlterLab playwright residency supports three to five writers a year as each one writes a new play, and supports their fellow writers.

  • AlterLab production program: once you have a script, what happens next? AlterTheater brings the playwright together with artistic collaborators--actors, designers, dramaturgs--to workshop and finalize the script, then heads into rehearsal and production.

  • The infrastructure that supports AlterLab.


Checks can be made out to AlterTheater and mailed to:


Attn: Ann Brebner Legacy Fund

PO Box 150659

San Rafael, CA  94915

In 2013, in honor of Ann Brebner's 90th birthday and AlterTheater's 9th year, Ann and Alter co-founder Jeanette Harrison set up the Ann Brebner Legacy Fund, specifically to support the programs nearest & dearest to Ann's heart. 

"I never expected to fundraise again, after rebuilding the Rafael Theater. I tapped out everyone I knew. But this Fund is supporting something that has been a tremendous benefit to me personally, and to our community. It would make me very sad if AlterTheater stopped developing and producing new plays. I want to help ensure the future of this program. And at 90, I think I’ve earned the right to advocate for what I think is important.”

- Ann Brebner, 2013

A member of AlterLab for the first four cohorts, Ann wrote her first original play (which she began at the age of 88 ) in the inaugural AlterLab, and directed the world premiere of that play THE DEAD GIRL at the age of 90. She then proceeded to write another play, THE LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD, a love letter to her native New Zealand. She had just begun--at the age of 93--working on a new play, a play about urban isolation, inspired by a birthday present accidentally sent to the wrong address in New York City.  

“New plays require a multi-year commitment,” says company co-founder and AlterLab architect Jeanette Harrison. “With a dedicated source of funding, we have the ability to plan, to make the commitments that our playwrights need in order to finish the work.”

Ann Brebner’s play, THE DEAD GIRL, was the first play to go through this entire process: from idea to AlterLab to development to production to the world premiere public performances. The entire process began in late 2010, with the world premiere performances in April/May 2013.

Plays developed in AlterLab go on to productions across the country-

From Oregon Shakespeare Festival on the West Coast to Playwrights Realm in New York, AlterTheater-developed plays bring new voices to the national stage. 

 “The country is so large and so differing from region to region that it’s really important that we hear the voice of Tennessee Williams, we hear the New York voice, we hear the West Coast voice, the Desert, the Deep South, and we need these programs, this support to generate the volume of work that embraces the whole of the country, that is “American”.  --Ann Brebner

Give to the Ann Brebner Legacy Fund

  • to honor Ann

  • to support new plays

  • to support diversity

  • to support strong women voices in theater (unlike industry standards of 20/80, AlterTheater produces 50/50 female/male playwrights)

  • to support collaboration, innovation, and community

Checks can be made out to AlterTheater and mailed to:


Attn: Ann Brebner Legacy Fund

PO Box 150659

San Rafael, CA  94915

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