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Based on the recommendations of The Movement for Black Lives and the policy for police reform set forth by Julian Castro (and later adopted by other candidates), we're asking you to join us in this call to action:

1. Send a letter to your local police chief and mayor, asking them to embrace reforms

2. In San Rafael, thank Police Chief Diana Bishop for her Body Camera policy, and ask her to go further in the pursuit of justice by

  • embracing community oversight

  • promoting alternatives to 911

  • invest in community programs and alternative policing programs and divest from traditional policing

Here is Artistic Director Jeanette Harrison's letter to San Rafael Police Chief Diana Bishop. Feel free to email Chief Bishop and let her know that you support AlterTheater's call for reforms, or write your own (see crowd-sourced sample letters and contact information in the button above).


You can also find many more ways to help via Black Lives Matter.

We all have the ability to lead the nation in a healthier relationship between police and community.

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