Upcoming Workshops

Comedy Workshop:

August 12th 3:00pm - 5:30pm Pacific

Online via Zoom

A workshop for Native American students in 6th-9th grades led by Dillon Chitto & Vickie Ramirez


Through this workshop, students will explore what makes them laugh and start to learn how comedians craft “funny” to make other people laugh. 

About the Instructors

Dillon Chitto is a Native American playwright originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico but now lives in Chicago, Illinois. He is a company member of BoHo Theatre and has worked creatively with Native Voices at the Autry, Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program, as well as Global Voices Theatre.

Vickie Ramirez Playwright Vickie Ramirez (Tuscarora) is an alumnus of the Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group 2009 and a founding member of Chukalokoli Native Theater Ensemble and Amerinda Theater.

Past Workshops

Native Youth Acting Camp

Led by Tara MosesTeresa Melendez, Kenny Ramos & Jeanette Harrison and designed for Native youth. This performing arts and youth leadership sleep away camp, held on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno was a 5-day, 4-night sleep-away camp for Native American students in grades 6-12 in July 2021. Students explored theater games, character work, improv, and scene work. On the final day, students performed their work.


Your Issues, Your Voice, Your Theater

A workshop for Nevada Native American students in grades 7-12, led by Tara Moses with Teresa Melendez, Vickie Ramirez & Jeanette Harrison. During this two-day workshop in Spring of 2021, we explored ways to stand up to injustice, celebrate culture and community, and make change for the better... by creating stories that imagine the change they want to see. At the end of the second day, students performed the plays they had created.

Tara Moses Headshot.png

Crafting Story with your Voice

A workshop for Nevada Native American students in 6th-9th grades. This one-week course was offered in partnership with Lucentree in August 2020 and taught by Vickie Ramirez. We used visualization, Theater Games, and sensory exercises to introduce students to three-dimensional story-telling. By the end of the week each student created a monologue, which was presented by a professional actor.

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