Crafting Story with your Voice

A workshop for Nevada Native American students in 6th-9th grades. This one-week course was offered in partnership with Lucentree in August 2020 and taught by Vickie Ramirez. We used visualization, Theater Games, and sensory exercises to introduce students to three-dimensional story-telling. By the end of the week each student created a monologue, which was presented by a professional actor.

Upcoming Workshops

One-day Comedy Workshop

A workshop for Nevada Native American students in 6th-9th grades led by Dillon Chitto with Vickie Ramirez & Jeanette Harrison.


Explore what makes you laugh and start to learn how comedians craft “funny” to make other people laugh. Bring your favorite joke (Rated G: the kind of joke you’d tell your grandma)!

About the instructors: Dillon Chitto is a Native American of Mississippi Choctaw, Laguna, and Isleta Pueblo descent. Very much a product of his environment he grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he learned the importance of art, culture, religion, and traditions from his parents, grandparents, brother, and members of his community.

FREE! No experience needed


December 30

1:00-5:00pm Pacific Standard Time

There will be a one-hour break.

Class size limited to 15 students

Technical requirements: students must have the ability to connect to the internet and to the Zoom platform.

Registration Deadline: December 29

Past Workshops