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The General Fund!


Get the most bang for your charitable gift: arts organizations are lean and local. The California Cultural Data Project has determined that 96% of AlterTheater’s funding goes straight into the programming you love to support. New plays, local artists, stories from our community, 20th century classics….that’s what you get at AlterTheater. And we can’t do it without you. 


Checks can be mailed to:



The General Fund

1337 Fourth Street, Suite A

San Rafael, CA  94901

Why support the arts?

Your financial contribution has the greatest impact on programming when it goes to an arts organization. We are lean and we are local; the vast majority of your donation goes directly to supporting the work. According to the California Cultural Data Project more than 92% of AlterTheater’s expenses are direct project costs.


For more reasons why the arts are essential to a strong, vibrant community, click here. For a detailed list of economic benefits, look here. AlterTheater performs in storefronts along downtown San Rafael’s Fourth Street: our neighboring businesses report sharp increases in their revenue when AlterTheater is in residence on their block. Rebound Bookstore reported a 20% increase in sales on nights when AlterTheater was performing.

Why support AlterTheater?

In a county of extreme wealth disparity, AlterTheater serves the underserved: nearly 2/3 of our audiences qualify as low-income. Because of this, we keep our ticket prices low, with special outreach programs to low-income residents during the first two weeks of every production. We work the opposite of movies: discount tickets are available when our plays first open.  We work to make sure all members of our community can come together to share stories.


Diversity: AlterTheater supports a diverse range of voices in an inclusive and accepting environment. We’ve been invited to share our best practices both within the theater industry, and with Marin County businesses of all stripes.

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