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Andrew Saito

directed by Desdemona Chiang

produced in collaboration with

The Parsnip Ship

in association with

Business Lunch Productions

Vonda's luck changes overnight when she finds a giant magical peach. At first bite, she's thrilled that years have melted off of her elderly face and body, and she can't wait to share it with her husband, Waylon. But their celebrations quickly become complicated by the surprise birth of their son, Momotaro—who looks nothing like them! When a raccoon steals the magical peach, Momo bravely sets off into the wilds of Georgia to rescue it, meeting animal friends and foes along the way. Back at home, Vonda drowns the grief of her losses in credit-card debt while the evil AmazOni Enterprises encroaches, buying out her neighbors. Can Momo save the peach? Can Vonda save her house? And can they become a happy family against all odds?

Please note that Br’er Peach may or may not be appropriate for your family: it contains a short sex scene with descriptions of body parts, some bleeping/implied cursing, and discussions of death and dying. We think most kids over 12 will enjoy Br’er Peach, but if you’d like more information to help you make an informed choice, we’re happy to discuss, contact us with questions.

Funded in part by the Fleishhacker Foundation and the California Arts Council.

Br'er Peach audio play connected BIPOC theaters across the country via a rolling world premiere and finished its tour on The Parsnip Ship's podcast.

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Creative Team

Company Staff

Iyvon E.
Artistic Director of The Parsnip Ship
Katy Donnelly
Managing Director of The Parsnip Ship
Alicia Coombes
Producing Artistic Director of AlterTheater
Jesse Manning
Special Projects and Technical Director of the Parsnip Ship
Emily Beltrán
Artistic Associate with The Parsnip Ship
Espii Proctor
Workshop Dramaturgy
Sierra Revis
AlterTheater Graphic Designer, original artwork

Like our artists, our plays include works by the best playwrights of today--including Larissa Fasthorse, Lynn Nottage, Nilo Cruz--and the best emerging playwrights.

AlterLab supports playwrights at every stage of the development process. Each cohort of writers is diverse—from early career writers to award-winning established writers; from ages 23 to 93; writers from all backgrounds—and each cohort of writers chooses how to work together, supporting each other in creating adventurous, honest work. 

In each AlterLab cohort, AlterTheater commissions one playwright to write a new play  for and with our community. Commissioned playwrights work closely with our ensemble to create a story that tackles issues in our community, and that can shine in our unique storefront performance spaces.

An AlterTheater dream since our inception has been playwrights creating new work for our ensemble of artists. It took us four years: in 2008 we commissioned our first playwright, award-winning San Francisco poet/playwright Brian Thorstenson.

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