We believe our best resource is our artists, and that the world can change for the better when artists dream big, take risks, and push themselves to the limits of their imagination….and then take another step.

We exist to push artists to be better artists.

We exist to encourage creativity.

​AlterTheater encourages creativity by:

   • We invest in artists.

   • Our artists mentor other artists.

   • We support the Bay Area’s most established artists, and ask them, what, in  your long career, have you never done? What do you want to try? Let’s do it!

   • AlterTheater finds & fosters the best emerging new voices in theater.

And then we share them all with our community. Join us!


Invest in the future of new plays: Ann Brebner Legacy Fund

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America needs its artists. Artists need AlterTheater…and more companies like AlterTheater. AlterTheater needs adventurous audiences, willing to invest in creativity, and willing to take a chance of what we don’t yet know. Join us! You never know what you’ll see here first….Angels in America came out of a theater like AlterTheater.

 They also need to be paid enough to not starve. Starving artists aren’t more creative; they just burn out, sell out, or live under the freeway.